Jenna Sparks Headshot

Jenna Sparks is a graphite-and-ink focused artist. She began participating in local group shows at the Cocoon Art Gallery in Apple Valley, CA, where she found the courage and momentum to continue pursuing art. While she focuses on pop-culture themed work primarily, she also delves into exploration of the macabre. Today, Jenna continues to work and seeks to thrive within the arts community, often traveling to conventions and continuing her journey as an artist.

The Faun on display at the Cocoon

"Q: What encouraged you to work in the mediums you use now?

    A: If I’m being a million percent honest, laziness. I played around a lot with paint and other mediums that require a lot of various tools and space. I wanted to delve into something that didn’t require a lot of prep and a lot of finishing and cleaning up. So I got a set of graphite pencils and really didn’t look back.

    But eventually, I found myself wanting to be an advocate for graphite. I’ve noticed most people who are unfamiliar with mediums always first assume painting as your chosen art form. Not that there’s anything at all wrong with painting, but I did get a bit of an enlarged head whenever someone comments that they never would have guessed I work with pencils. Not charcoal or oils or even digital art forms. So for me personally, it’s fun to hoodwink people into not really being able to grasp that you can create finished pieces with something that they may not assume initially." 

    -Excerpt from an interview with Eric Rivera

    "Cybil" and "Nell", both c. 2023, in their vintage frames side by side.

    That’s not to say Jenna lacks in big dreams and goals; she’s also recently taken on the role of apprenticing as a picture framer, studying and practicing animation, as well as stop-motion animation. She has been twice published for her written fiction and continues to flourish in various mediums and curiosities. She has simultaneously been designing pins for cult-horror pin creator, Demonic Pinfestation.

    Jenna resides in Southern California, living with a slew of helpful assistants and her amazing partner, musician Joe Sparks, who also composes her progress videos that can be seen Jenna's instagram and Joe's YOUTUBE page. As of now, Jenna can be found making her rounds at horror and comic conventions, working up new pieces, and consistently striving to further her creative identity and goals.

    Custom pickguard by Jenna Sparks